About EcoOnline

EcoOnline is located with offices in Norway (HQ), Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, and we have representatives in several other countries.

We offer a set of applications in a clouded platform connecting the entire supply chain for SDS authoring, distribution, management and REACH compliance (CLP, eSDS, Risk Assessment, Upstream Reporting, Exposure Scenario). All data submitted by the supplier may be re-used directly by the downstream user, and re-entering is unnecessary.

The company was established in 2000, and currently there are approximately 3,500 enterprises that are connected to the platform. The platform is available in 23 languages. We are 100 % committed to further developing and operating the best possible platform. All together our team consists of 65 dedicated employees.

We work with experienced partners/consultancies with highly proven REACH expertise. The consultants can author the SDSs in the Eco Publisher application, and publish to the Eco Center database. The contents of the Eco Center Database is maintained by our clients.

In addition to the Eco Center database, we have a second database, which is maintained by EcoOnline. In this database, we assume responsibility for supplying downstream users with the latest versions of all SDSs.